Yamuna Ghat (Yamuna River) become attracting of tourist destination every year in the winter season. Some enthusiastic young photographers come early morning to capture the beauty of nature, while others come to bathe in this holy water.

Yamuna Ghat boy on a boat

The Yamuna is the second largest tributary river of the Ganges originated from the Yamunotri. Bathing in the Yamuna river sacred waters frees one from the torments of death.

Whatever your reason for coming here is, you can see some fantastic views of Yamuna River, where thousands of migrated birds fly over the water.

These birds come to India every year during the winter for food, stay a few days, and then fly away.

These birds are so hungry that they can finish 10 kg gathiya (a king of Indian snack) in just a few minutes.

Some religious people come here every morning for “Sujra Pranam” (prayer to the sun) and holy bath.

For the last two years, I have been visiting this place with my cameras to capture nature’s beauty. Mahammad tells ShutYourAperture. 

You can see more of L Mahammad’s work here.

Gear used:

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Yamuna Ghat river
Yamuna Ghat birds in the river with a paddle boat
Yamuna Ghat black and white dog Yamuna Ghat dog at the Yamuna Ghat riverYamuna Ghat photo series Yamuna Ghat boats mist in the river birds in the river with a paddle boat
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