I love mountains. With a little fog and snow, they form a surreal backdrop for any subject. In fact, mountainscapes were my “gateway drug” to travel and landscape photography.

3 years ago I hadn’t been on a plane, and had no interest in the stress of flights or learning the road rules of another country. Now I have taken 6 international trips as a landscape photographer to Scotland, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland and Colombia, plus a smattering of New England states and the West Coast.

So for a mountain-loving traveler, what better place to explore for 3 weeks in September than the Alps and Dolomites!

My itinerary focused on hill towns and mountain villages throughout Switzerland, Northern Italy, Austria and Southern Germany. I avoided large towns and chose routes that avoided major highways so I could stop easily for a good view—some of those roads were alarming (solid fog on a way-too-narrow mountain road with a sheer drop on both sides comes to mind).

It’s a trip I would do again. Even 3 weeks was not enough, and now that I’m back in the States I realize just how many spots I missed, esp. in the Italian Dolomites. But meantime, I brought back digitized snowy mountains that will suffice until my next itch for the mountains. (Update: I’m itching already).

I shot on a Canon 5D Mark III with a 24-105mm lens and the amazingly compact Sirui T-2205x carbon fiber tripod, so I didn’t need to check any bags. Most of the photos are blended in Lightroom from 3 exposures.

If you’d like to see more landscape photography from Jonathan Lee Martin, you can follow him on 500px or flickr and yellowscale for new travel adventures.