‘Mum and Dad – Forbidden Places’

This series was taken in places my parents forbade me to go to as a child. Their dog ‘Skippy’ is in each shot and often bit them. There is a reference to secrets within the family. They were taken on a Bronica SQA  with a Metablitz flash and the use of ‘blur flash’ was used to create a more surreal look to the images as the places could well be in the psyche

About the Author

Nigel Maudsley
I am a Brighton based free-lance photographer and artist whose work explores representations of sexuality, the body and identity. I work across many genres such as portraiture, landscape and short experimental films. Until July 2008 I worked for London Metropolitan University as the Post Graduate Coordinator of the Department of Art. Since I moved to Brighton from London UK much of my work has explored the relationship of the human form and psyche to the sea.