Musical Architecture by Kerstin Arnemann

The images consist in abstract art forms based on rhythm, proportion and harmony.
The same characteristics that please the eye also please the ear. Musical terms such as rhythm, texture, harmony, proportion, dynamics, and articulation refer both to architecture and to music.

In architecture and music rhythm is referred to the regular or coordinated repetition of lines, figures, or forms which are considered as a measure for organizing forms and spaces in architecture.

All photographs represent different geometrical forms e.g. squares, triangles which express stable/unstable dynamic, curved shapes offering rhythm and movement. The combination of forms was meant to recreate a whole where all the parts interact harmoniously with each other, just like in a musical composition.

Presenting my images in monochrome enables me to express my own personal vision of the architectural beauty that surrounds us everywhere. Kirstin tells ShutYourAperture

She quoted Pablo Picasso” I have always been very interested in photography. I have looked at far more photographs than I have paintings. Because their reality is stronger than reality itself.”








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