My Sailing World

I’ve been traveling the Adriatic for 15 years now. I became a skipper 8 years ago. From the first day it was ‘my world’… the wild seas, the calm seas, good days vs. storms… it is something I would do 24×7… unfortunately, I don’t live on the sea or nowhere close. I have to travel long to live in my world every now ant then. Therefore, I make these photo stories… To tell the world about the beauty of the wind in your face.

I don’t do much post processing, so basically what you see here is as it was… maybe some crops or some small corrections on the light, color or contrast…

About the Author

Anita Palceska
seriously engaged in photography since 2009. basically interested in documentary photography, stories connected to people, places, travellings, social topics... more full completed stories at