New York City came to mind after watching countless weather reports and pictures from other photographers who were documenting the city during the snow storms. I knew I had to fly out there and get some of my own!NYC is the type of place you can spend countless times visiting and still not get to see everything you plan on. The only thing I wanted to do was photograph a list of key places before leaving, grub on some kickass pizza and asian food, and stay close to the places that allowed me to do all those things. I had rented an Airbnb apartment in Williamsburg that had a 360 degree view of the city on the rooftop, which I took complete advantage of. Along with additional view from my balcony that overlooked the Williamsburgh bridge, the best view I’ve ever had sitting on a couch! 

I’m glad I took the time to go out and shoot this crazy city in the dead of winter. Although, there’s something about winter in New York that doesn’t seem dead at all.