Niagara Falls By Christine Hess

Niagara’s Glory Photography Series by Christine Hess.

Living in Niagara Falls has its benefits, especially when you’re a photographer. I take every opportunity I get to jump in my truck and drive down to look for a different vision of the falls to shoot. It’s a spectacular piece of land/waterscape that never ceases to amaze those that set their eyes on her. It’s a vision I never tire of as each season brings new opportunity for beautiful photography.

The falls are picturesque year round but I think my favorite seasons to shoot them are autumn and winter. Autumn brings on so many warm beautiful tones of yellows, oranges and red as the foliage begins to change and in the winter, the ever changing ice sculpting by mother nature brings new beauty each day. The best times to capture its beauty are early mornings or early evenings when the lighting is soft but still bright enough to capture details. I’ve spent many mornings standing at the brink of the falls shooting the sunrise, waiting in anticipation as it rises up over the falls, it’s a perfect spot for shooting and an even better way to start the day.

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  • Patrick Sirianni says:

    Christine these photos are spectacular………too bad you didn’t post the b and w one of that lone person standing at the Falls……….its one of my favorites……lol

  • Mj Marincic-Wiley says:

    Beautiful work Christine!!! Kudos to you for the early morning shots! I couldn’t do it. Lol.

  • Sena Udorn says:

    coollllll, Beautiful

  • Boter Letter says:

    Great pictures on this site ! réally like it !

  • John Payne says:

    Christine, Thanks for sharing these beautiful images. Living that close to such a spectactular place gives you an incredible opportunity to get these pictures only if you take the opportunity and make the effort to do these falls at the times you did.

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