Nikon D850

With this so long awaited Nikon D850 is finally here, and it packs a punch. With a 46.89 megapixel sensor, this camera can create some massive files. Imagine all that power under your control.

We have been waiting for Nikon to come out with their next flagship camera, and they did not disappoint. Looking at the specs with a towel covering my keyboard to clean up all drool.

By looking at the photos and reading the specs, the camera’s body will be just like the Nikon D810 but underneath everything has been re-engineered. From the sensor to the video and everything in-between, this is a camera I do not want to be left without. Click here to see the full specs. You can click the image below to see an exclusive live panel demo today at 1 pm and tomorrow at 6 pm.

Nikon d850

Nikon d850

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