Incredible photographs of the Northern Lights shot by Nicolas Rapiengeas in an incredible 6 month adventure.

Having left France aboard my car Car-Owls, I went up to the Arctic Circle. I spent 6 months to chase the aurora from Finland, to Iceland through Norway. Despite the low temperatures (sometimes – 30) and difficult conditions, with the blizzards, I saw hundreds of auroras. These are my favorites. Nicolas tells ShutYourAperture.

You Never Know (Copier)

Mystic Lake (Copier)

Purchasse Your Dream I (Copier)

Arctic Town II (Copier)

Angel's Coming (Copier)

We From Space (Copier)

Solar Maelstrom (Copier)

Phoenix Nest (Copier)

Fairy Tree (Copier)

Save My Dream (Copier)

Solar Falls (Copier)

Arctic Beach (Copier)

And The Light Goes On (Copier)

Spirit Of Forest (Copier)

Lost In Space (Copier)

Zelda (Copier)

Twice Wave (Copier)

Event Horizon (Copier)

Calling Of Space (Copier)

Highway to Heaven (Copier)

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