How To Shoot Nude Photography (feat. Greg Gorman)
In the latest COOPH video, photographer Greg Gorman gives some basic tips on how to approach a nude photography shoot.

How to Shoot Nude Photography (feat. Greg Gorman)

The COOPH team met up with world-famous photographer Greg Gorman in a 600-year-old castle in Austria… Nude photography can be a super daunting genre so enjoy a video of Gorman demonstrating some creative photography tips & tricks on how to handle your first nude shoot.

Tips include:

– Connect with your model
– Oil up (A slight glisten to the skin enhances the shape and form)
– Walk around the model and hunting for the best angle
– Use a reflector to beam light onto your model
– Not worrying about low-light situation and bumping up your ISO
– Be confident and directing clearly – it’s important to keep looking through the lens whilst doing this to maintain your POV & angle
– Involve your model, and showing them the results
– Use windows for hard light and nice contrast
– Use props like mirrors and curtains
– Be open to change from your original ideas
– Use negative space in your composition
– Head outside for magic hour

All image credits:
© Greg Gorman