The new Peak Design travel tripod is possibly the best travel tripod ever made. Certainly a first of its kind it is compact and very light. The aluminum version weights only 3.44 lbs and the carbon 2.81 lbs and it can carry a load of 20 lbs. Plenty for any camera in the market.

The design of the tripod makes it so it is flat and not round like the typical tripods out there. This makes it smaller and easier to carry.

We have never seen a tripod like this before. It is exciting to see that tripods are getting smaller and lighter. As a travel photographer my self, it is always dreadful to carry my tripod around. I can not wait for the Peak design travel tripod to arrive.

I can remember being in Cinque Terre Italy walking up and down the steps carrying my tripod wishing someone would make a lighter professional tripod. My thoughts came to fruition.

Check out all the specs here in this link.




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