Pet Photography: Are you up for the challenge?

These furry creatures are bundles of energy and we could list a thousand plus reasons as to why they are so special to us. Sometimes, they even make great subjects for photographs!
So you bring out your camera and you’re ready to take some fun pictures of your pets doing what it is that they do best…until you realize that this pet photo shoot was actually a lot easier in your head. No matter what you do, it feels like you cannot get one decent picture of them. More than half of the pictures turn out blurred because they are constantly moving!
So how do you go your way about pet photography? We have some easy pet photography tips for you to follow so without wasting even a minute, let’s get right into them.

Photo of Dog peaking out


1: Use their natural habits as a guideline:
Okay, so your cat likes to sleep…a lot.
In fact, the only other thing it does when it is not sleeping is eating!
Trying to get a pet to do something that it normally does not, just because you want an awesome photograph of them is like wasting your time! Instead, if you do have a lazy pet, you can get some stunning photographs of them showcasing just their laziness.

2: Zoom in:
One of our go-to pet photography tips is taking one feature of your pet and zooming in on that only. You will get some amazing pictures of their whiskers, their cute paws, their beautiful eyes…you get the idea! We feel that every pet has that one feature that can be really used as the point of focus.

3: Time the photo shoot accordingly:
Since we are talking about taking pictures of your pet, you already know when it is time for them to take a nap, how they are when they wake up from their nap, how they behave on an empty stomach, etc. So take all these important factors into consideration when you decide to photograph them.
If you want to get cute playful pictures of your pet, pick a time when you know they are at their most energetic.

Photo of cute kitty

4: Prop it up:
It goes without saying that one of the easiest ways of adding some “wow” factor to any photograph is to bring in some props. If you do not wish to spend a lot of money on this, you do not have to! There are so many things inside the house that can be used for this purpose.
A small ball of wool just lying next to your cat as it adorably sleeps is a really cute idea. It does not necessarily have to play with it. Here are some very inexpensive props you can get for your shoot.

5: Outdoor shots:
If your pet is absolutely obsessed with the outdoors, then take them out there! Play a game of fetch with them and photograph them at the same time. While this may take some time and practice because you will be doing two things at the same time, you will eventually get there. A more basic thing to do here would be to just photograph them as they enjoy themselves roaming about, getting in some fresh air.

Outdoor photo shoots also improve your chances of getting the good light which we all know is important for great photographs.

So, there you have it! Simple pet photography tips that you can follow on your next pet photo shoot. Before we end this, remember not to get too anxious or even annoyed when photographing your furry friends because they are very sensitive and can almost instantly pick on this energy. This will only result in you having a more difficult pet to photograph because now they are anxious too!

Do you have any experience with pet photography? Do you have any more tips to add to the list? Leave them on the comments below.

Photo of dog in the snow