Photo series “Drive in” by Anthony Turpin

“ Beginning with the idea of the drive-in theater, where people watch an outdoor movie from their car, I chose to realize a photographic series on our attitudes and behaviors in car.
This series represents diverse commonplaces, stereotypical, sometimes funny or unusual situations, which we have already observed, imagined or lived in car. For this scene, I am inspired from the common visual culture, reusing codes which are familiar to us, stereotypes constructed and conveyed through cinema, television, the advertising or the painting.

Through these fictional and narrative moments, I invite the viewer to imagine his own movie. There are several possible interpretations of these pictures. So, I use narrative potential of the photographic image to represent a moment which will touch the spectator, will invite him to participate in the stories. Then, these staged photographs then act as footbridges towards our imagination. Between real and imaginary, my images question the progress of the narrative and their reception at the spectator. ”

See more of his work on his Website.

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