Photo series Nos Mains by Nicolas Genette.

Since my early childhood I have been fascinated by hands, and for a few months I wanted to honor them through a series of photographs.

Young, this fascination held of their anatomy. So many muscles, bones, joints, nerves, tendons in a so small space, controlled in real time by our brain, without even thinking of it. We don’t tell ourselves for every movement « Fold the first phalanx of the index, then the second, then the first one of the major, etc. « ! It is nevertheless what makes the brain so that these hands articulate correctly. One can moreover wonder if the functional programming paradigm is not integrated into the brain for ages. We use the function « Close the hand » and hup, brain manages all muscles of wrist and hand.
Their agility and power, their anatomical complexity and mechanics are just amazing. We use them daily for dozens of actions without even thinking about it. We mistreat them, we impose them all sorts of cuts, broken nails, fractures, etc. But think one second about what you would make in a day, without your hands!

But our hands don’t only bring us the ability of touch or gripping that distinguishes us from animals. When we speak of expressions, we think about face. Eyes and mouth in particular. The hands also bring us a range of expressions, colors, used most often without realizing it. From love of a caress to the violence of a fist and compassion of an opened hand, it’s these expressions, especially what they evoke, that interests me here. A sort of tribute.
For all that they allow us to do, transmit, and what it can say, intentionally or not.


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