Photographer of the week Andrada Damian

“I love classic photography! My latest work consist in argentic black and white photos, post-processed with pigments. I think the painter in me always longed to present the fusion between colors and the miraculous use of argentic photography with the aim of showing how painting-like photography can look like. My photos are created without any kind of digital technology. I prefer this technique because it offers a sense of mystery, warmth, and a more profound message. I aim at constructing metaphors, parables, allegories, and to use symbols when creating stories, poems, and episodes which are important only when encountered by the public who gives them its own interpretation.” – Damianovskaia

Andrada Damian manages to embody in her work symbols of creation and origin but uses them from her own perspective: without irony – in opposition to contemporary art. Basically, all of her photos share the same wish to offer a new spiritual perspective upon photography. Today, in a decadent world, those works are highly appreciated which emphasize sex, blood, totems, fragmentation; and all these in the name of freedom. To those who appreciate these trends, Andrada’s work seems to be less connected to a “conceptual highly intellectualized art” and to be closer to the medieval thought.

Nowadays, young and talented artists who dare to oppose “advanced” or mimetic art are blamed and rejected. Artists like Andrada try to show the importance of the sacred element not only in art, but in all our lives.” – Onisim COLTA

Damianovskaia_The Samaritan_09



Damianovskaia_The Gate_07


Damianovskaia_Jacob's Dream_16

Damianovskaia_Jacob's Dream_01

Damianovskaia_Wise Man_01

Damianovskaia_Jacob's Dream_09



Damianovskaia_Jacob's Dream_15

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