This week’s inspiration comes from Photographer of the week Leigh Eros.

Leigh Eros is the photographer behind Leigh Bishop Photography.

I am a Fine Art & Conceptual Portrait photographer based in Edinburgh. I grew up in Canada but have lived in the UK for over 20 years and now consider Edinburgh my home. I haven’t always been a photographer – I trained and worked as a veterinarian but it wasn’t my passion. After having children I decided to pursue my love of photography, and once I discovered the world of Fine Art and Conceptual imagery, I knew it was the genre for me.

I employ various techniques in my work – the Brenizer Panorama method is fast becoming a favourite of mine for the beautiful depth it gives an image. However, most of my images are frame composites to some degree as I prefer to fill my subject with my frame as much as possible, producing high levels of detail in my files. While I employ compositing techniques to blend several images together, my goal is for the finished product to be believable. I don’t aim to recreate real life, but I want you to believe in the world I have created.

I am heavily inspired by poetry and song and will often create a piece based on a single line that instills an image in my head. There is a darkness to my vision but also, I hope, beauty. Through my images I portray a solitary moment within a wider story. I often prefer not to show the climactic event of such a story, but instead I give the viewer a moment that comes just before, or just after such an event. I find these moments to be much more interesting to explore.

See more of her work on her website.

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