Photographer of the week Luis Vilanova

Hi, I´m Luis Vilanova. I am a landscape photographer based in Galicia, northwest of Spain. I make my living selling fine art prints and stock photography of the varied landscapes of Galicia.

This country has the fortune of having nearly a thousand kilometers of coastline, and numerous mountain ranges inside. My passion is to try to capture the subtle alchemy that occurs when light plays with water, be it in the form of rain, mist, snow, waterfall, ocean waves… this combination at the right time creates magic for a instant, and is that moment of beauty that I want to bring into people’s homes. I think the most important part of our work as nature photographers, is growing in people’s minds a sense of love and respect for the environment.” Luis tells ShutYourAperture.


Xogos da brétema


O soñador soñado


Hora inmensa

Aboian coureis azuis


Los cinco elementos

Caneiro reascos

As Catedrais

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