This weeks inspiration comes from Photographer of the week Michiel Buijse.

When I was in the second year of my high school, I joined the schools photography club. I was 13 at that time. At first I learned the basics of photography and we went on trips to the Dutch racetrack in Zandvoort. Here we learned to shoot wit fast shutter speeds. Back in those days we didn’t shoot digital so we had to develop our own black and white films. I still remember those precious moments, when I removed the film from the container and see the negatives for the first time”.

Fun part of being a member of the schools photo club was, that I had unlimited access to all school parties. During the hours after school, I developed my own photos in the schools darkroom. After many years of technical education and 20 years of serving in the Dutch Airforce, I was still taking photos for fun. This all changed when I started my own photography business in 2012, Behind The Lenscap. As much as I love taking photos, I also love to teach. That’s how I found the perfect combination for me, teaching others how to improve their skills by giving photography workshops.
I try to capture anything I like. Not just beautiful landscapes, but also great cityscapes. And yeah, I love those cityscapes. It’s the views we see every day that I try to capture and show you in my own unique way. That’s why my motto is: “Capture common things, to create awesomeness”

See more of his work on his Website or drop in and say hello on his Facebook.

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