Photographer of the week Rafał Makieła

Rafał Makieła is a professional photographer that specializes in underwater fashion photography, commercial advertising, and weddings. His works evoke a sense of dreamlike wonder and have appeared in many magazines and periodicals as advertisments and editorials, he also took part in bigger campaigns including outdoor campaigns. When working, he is fully focused on his job as he always wants to achieve the best results possible. His work is appreciated in many places in the world. About his own photography he says: “The underwater world is something mysterious and magical. Everything is different, there is no defined end to the bottom or top. Gravity law almost does not apply, the light propagates differently, sometimes completely unpredictable. Here, almost everything you dream is possible. Each vision and the idea is feasible.

_MG_8548-Edit_MG_4011-EditMarmorin Underwater 1untitled (226 of )-2-Edit-EditMarmorin Alta po_MG_0535-Edit_MG_3663-Edit_MG_7035-Edit-2_MG_8266-EditUnderwater-Angel-BerenikaUnderwater Marmorin Misa po13_07_06_Underwater_session_Aqua_Park (114 of )-Edit-Recovered-kopiarmorin-Pia-po_MG_8867-Edit-4-kopia_MG_4169-Edit14_11_05_Dubai_mermaid_Kristine_12712_02_11_Underwater_photography_Goody_149-Edit

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