This weeks inspiration comes from Photographer of the week Samuel Burns.

Based in Sydney, Australia, Samuel Burns is a landscape photographer shooting primarily on large format 4×5 film and wooden field cameras. Utilising long exposure
techniques Samuel will open the shutter for up to 8 hours in order to capture the movement of the environment over time. The resultant images take on a smooth, painterly feel, a visual
average of a series of events.

Samuel first became interested in photography 14 years ago at the age of 21 when he purchased his first DSLR and began experimenting. He was hooked. Whilst he enjoyed the ease of shooting with
a DSLR he soon felt the need to produce larger prints with greater detail. It was here that his love of large format blossomed.

“Over the years I have shot with numerous formats, but the two that kept me coming back are 6×17 and 4×5. There is something peaceful and calming about the slow methodical approach
required when shooting large format camera systems. They force me to be thoughtful and considered in my approach to an image, each frame requires a considerable investment in time and

“This slow approach to photography has shaped both the way I work and the feel of my images. Combined with the long exposure techniques the whole process is like a form
of meditation, it forces me to take time out from the hectic nature of a modern world. It is forced relaxation, an introspective experience. I hope it calming nature of my photographs translates to the audience”.

Over the years Samuel has carved out a market for his landscape images, which he offers for sale as large format prints on fine art papers. “I have been lucky in finding a market
for the work I enjoy shooting. I have seen my photographs enter private collections around the world, it is particularly popular in the European and USA markets”.

See more of his work on his Website or drop in and say hello on his Facebook.












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