Photographer of the week Tobias Gawrisch

Tobias Gawrisch is a 27 years old part-time photographer and social science student in Essen, Germany with a passion for architecture and design in general.

For my professional photography I mostly do portraits and commercial shoots of products or weddings, so architecture is a nice alternative for me to not get to focused on the other subjects and always try to improve my photography and post processing in all fields of photography.

I love showing things in my photography, that can’t be seen with bare eyes. I want to show people the picture I imagined, not necessarily the picture I (or everyone else) saw. So don’t expect an all natural portrait from me, either. And I love traveling to get to exotic locations for the special shot I’ve been imagining. Traveling also started my real passion in photography.

Touring the US several times has introduced me to landscape, architecture and street photography between 2009-2013. Especially in architecture photography I love the way light, shadow and perspective can radically alter the appearance of a building which is exactly what I’m aiming for in my images. Tobias tells Shut Your Aperture.








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