Todd Lambert is a new breed of photographer who focuses remote locations such as graveyards and abandoned places at night. He thrives on that “butterflies” feeling you get when you’re somewhere that you’re not supposed to be. In many cases that is closer to the truth than you would think.

Todd is an adventurous spirit who lives full-time on the road while traveling across the country. This allows him to find obscure locations and unusual subject matter that is atypical to the normal genres.

His project called “America by Twilight” started when he made the decision to commit himself full-time to photography and he’s been attempting to do just that, ever since.
Todd sold all his earthly possessions, his house, cars, tvs, everything. Downsizing his life to fit into an on-the-road lifestyle, he shed most of his belongings and “stuff” that had become shackles around his legs for so many years. He’s now trying to put himself into new environments and he hopes to learn and grow, both as an artist and as a person.

“My mind is now much more free and even though I live in an extremely small footprint, my views are endless and the world is my back porch. I have no schedules, I have no agendas other than my own”, say Todd Lambert.

“I’m now living and working full-time on-the-road across the highways of America. I am traveling across the country in search of the ever-constant yet sometimes elusive beauty that makes up this great land.”

Alien Egg Farm

Terrestrial Towers

Boatswain's Blunder

Moon and Venus

Moon and Venus

Captive Light

In The Sky With Diamonds

Stellar Sentries


Where The West Was Won

Where The West Was Won

Cosmic Portal

Fire On The Mountain

Bloom Of The Pontotoc

Challenger Explosion

Twinkle Twilight

Ambassador Of Twilight


Steam Punk

Crude Addiction

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