This weeks inspiration comes from Photographer of the week Anne Gerzat.

My name is Anne Gerzat, I am from Switzerland – the french part – and am 22 years old.
I have always loved photography but this passion was born during my very first linguistic trip, where I met a lot of people from around the world and where I took my first photos.
Speaking about linguistic trips, it was a great start to know that I just love meeting people from around the world and speak with them for hours and discover different personalities and cultures. That’s what I love in photography, we can “freeze” cultures and personalities and I think it is beautiful.
When I was in New York last year, I shot many street portraits of people I thought where beautiful. Each of them had a story, a lot spoke to me for hours and I feel like I should have had a recorder with me. Each of them touched me in a way so I remember quite everything they told me. I could cry of pain, of laugh or humanity just depending on which one I am looking. It was a really great experience for someone as shy as me. (I mean, I was always thinking like a half hour before I was able to ask people to take their photo ! )

I also love seeing the nature and its diverse atmospheres, capturing its lights and creating a whole “story” about it. I would love to be able to do it, but I still have to learn a lot.
I just made my Facebook page which is a good start to share my work – if I can see it as a work because sometimes I could cry of happiness when I am with my camera !
I feel like there isn’t such a feeling than walking around a place you don’t know (or you know, it actually really depends on your mood!) with nothing else than your camera. Sometimes I could just write a love story with my camera and with the feelings of freedom I can feel – mainly when I’m in a country I don’t know, with people I don’t know and with places I’m about to discover. It’s like there is nothing else than my camera – the beauty of “outside” – and me.

I am now thinking about a portrait project – but I’d like to keep it secret for now. I also have a second one in mind but I have to think more about this.

I taught myself photography so that’s why I still have to learn a lot, and I feel like I will never learn enough. But I love that, even tho it’s really frustrating sometimes. It’s an everyday challenge I just love.

See more of her work on her Website or drop in and say hello on her Facebook.


skylinempirestate3 copie

Skyline Boston stars copie

portrait nyc18 copie

Perspective Metro NYC 2.1

DSC_9459-3moinslourd copie

DSC_8513 copie-2 copieFB copie2

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