Photography Cheat Sheet

Photography Cheat Sheet.

We have created a Cheat Sheet that covers all your basics, Exposure, Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, and Rule of thirds. If you are trying to get out of Auto Mode and into Manual Mode this is a good start and will be very helpful. Feel free to right click and save it to your computer or take a screen shot of it and keep in on your phone.

Cheat Sheet

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Edin Chavez
Travel junkie, animal lover, troublemaker, daydreamer and a bit obsessed with my camera. Addicted to documentaries, coffee, hot sauce, and blue cheese.
  • Brijesh Kumar says:

    It’s cool. Really need this tips & tricks & thank you very much.

  • Ullrich Scharff says:

    Thx to you all

  • Jiten B Panchal says:

    Thx to you sir

  • Nikon Canon says:

    thank you sir!

  • Harry Sohn says:


  • Naresh Kumar says:

    Awesome !

  • DrShahu Bhosale says:

    Dear sir, excuse me for I am having a small doubt about the 4th sketch in Rule of Thirds. A portrait should be placed on any one of the third line and two third space “must” be left on other side, If the subject is looking one side then the 2rd space should be left in the direction of the look. please clarify.

  • DrShahu Bhosale says:

    Dear photography addicts for live demonstration of Rule Of Thirds, please watch any movie or any serial on TV, you will be thrilled to detect how this Rule Of Third is “STICTLY” followed!! For example, in a beach scene in film “YARANA” Priyanka Chopra comes out of the blue sea in her bikini out fit and walks towords the shore…watch her where she is placed (of course) in the rectangular frame of picture.

  • Ganapathi Annamalai says:

    Nice ji

  • Les Wilcockson says:

    Stuff rules. If you shoot for a client give them whatever it is they’re paying you for. If you shoot for yourself do what the hell you like. If you shoot to please the internet take up painting instead.

  • Mouni Brugumalla says:

    thank q

  • Krystal Simons says:

    Thank you!

  • Izan Petterle says:

    A great picture can be made in many ways, there’s no recipe to do it like a cake…:)

  • Annette Tuitama-Roberts says:

    Thank you so much I needed this!

  • Ricardo Bungque says:

    Thank. You very much. Very helpful.

  • Bob Decker says:

    I’m sorry, but if you can’t visualize “thirds” without a “cheat sheet” you may want to rethink the whole photography thing. ;)

  • Heather Rivera says:

    Rules are made to be broken! I follow none of the traditional photography rules, yet I seem to be exhibiting in some fine galleries.

    Just shoot what looks appealing, forget these stuffy rules!

  • Drazen Uskokovic says:

    Photography is art without rules…

  • Achala S Gamage says:

    Super.. it ‘s very informative.

  • Wilfredo Gomez says:


  • Cliff Norton says:

    For any trade their are basic rules to work with and the chart is just a guide over my 35 years as a working professional I have seen changes and I have had to move with the times but the same rules (basic guides) stay with you. Many people call themselves photographers but a working pro is someone that makes is living by the camera sadly with t :(e introduction of the modam digital camera I have seen pros come and go with the st a board dropping photography is to be enjoyed even if it is your full time day stop enjoying and if time to get. ENJOY KEEP UP THE GOOD WORKADMIN

  • Martin F. Mordaunt says:

    You’ll get sharper images at f11 rather than f22.

  • Danielle Vezina says:

    I have some friends just starting out. This will be great to. E added to thier tool kit. Thanks for the handout

  • Cliff Norton says:

    Sorry : just been pointed out to about my last couple of lines, was working of a phone big fingers little keypad
    With th introduction of the modam digital camera, pros come and go with the standard across the social photography dropping. Photography is to be enjoyed it’s a way of life even if it is your full time day job stop enjoying photography and if time to get of the game.

  • Jackie Green says:

    one thing i’ve learn is if it too dark you bring more light in or if it too bright you need less light ! something to think about :)

  • Sachin koli says:

    Very useful tips for freshers. Thanks..!

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