Born in Mauritius,

Self thought photographer shares his love affair with photography.

Photography is an Art. The Art of doing something that captures Emotion. An Emotion that will make people feel what they never felt before. The little thing that touches your heart deeply. It’s a way to write story about things that cannot be told in words. It’s not just something you hold in your hand to make you look cool or to shoot everything in front of you. Your eyes are the real lenses of your camera controlled with your mind.

My personal experiences to be successful, you have to get to know yourself first. As i said before, age is just a number young is an attitude so learning is unlimited. Life is hard but if we know who we are and what is our mission in life then we can avoid a lot of bad things to help us pursue our dreams. Steeven Shawn tells ShutYourAperture.

“Trying to express yourself is more powerful than trying to be the best.”

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