Photographers have the power to capture human moments and in the process create change.

Our friends at COOPH showcase these iconic images from over the years that relate to themes of loss & desperation, love & respect, bravery and triumph.

Vividly showing photographs of human emotions that captured the world’s attention and continue to change the world.

Che Guevara’s portrait becomes a symbol for Revolution. ©Alberto Korda
Alberto Korda

The fall of the Berlin Wall 1989 © Antony Suau
Antony Suau

An unidentified man stands in front of tanks the morning after the Chinese military suppressed the Tiananmen Square protests by force in 1989. ©Jeff Widener
Jeff Widener

A young lady protesting the Vietnam War in 1967 presents soldiers with a flower. ©Marc Riboud
Marc Riboud

Moment of love ©Ricard Lam
Richard Lam