Project Black Faces by Marta Azevedo

“What inspired me to develop the Project Black Faces was my childhood. I am from Brazil and I spent my Summer vacations in a black neighborhood where my grandmother and aunts lived, although my family is white there were no problems. The black culture in Brazil is very rich and present in our every day life such as music, religion, dance, food.I lived in the United States for eight years. Besides afrobrazlians I also have “models” from North America, and africans who lives in USA in this Project.

I used elements from african/Black culture such as Clay, beads, straws and also objects from the life style like hats, cigars, scarfs, hijabs. I chose the the images in Black and White because I didn’t want the distractions of the colors.
It took me about ten years to finish Black Faces Project. Once a year I traveled to Brazil to photograph the Brazilians.

In September 2012 I launched the book Black Faces in Brazil. In February 2013 I moved back to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.”

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