Self portraits by Delphine Baron.

Teachers at school always used to say, “Delphine is a dreamer” “she is in the moon” “she is disconnected” “she is aways, everywhere but not the school room”..And its true, i am a dreamer, but a dreamer full of fears and devils.’

Delphine found a way to express her self through her photography. This series represents my fears, my dreams, my wishes, my sores, my emotions, my strengths, my weaknesses, what’s going on in my head, my broken soul, this the lil girl haunting me and the young woman wondering who is she, if she belong this world.”

I could have wrote poetries, novels or any other kind of stories, but, in some way i do it with my photographies, they speaks for me. Says Delphine.

You can see more of her works on her Flikr or drop in and sat hello on her Facebook.

Per aspera ad astra

moody morning

dolce vita in Amalfi

Ladies born inside flowers in the early morning

The suicide of Pink Lady

Take me somewhere nice

Lady Poppy in fire


Autoportrait aux cheveux coupés

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