Self-Portraits by Fabiola Viviano.

Fabiola Viviano a self-taught photographer and digital artist based in Turin, Italy.

I’ve always drawn and since 2012 I decided to experiment with photography. Passion has born immediately and my favorite genres are surreal and portraits. I love to express concepts or represent metaphorically something and the subjects of my pictures are often the self-portraits.”

For me shooting is not just capture an image and make it perfect from a technical point of view with skill, expertise and instrumentation suitable. The photo must be able to bring in moments of reflection. If I’m able to transmit at least a little bit of this, it means that the picute becomes a work of art. Art means being able to convey emotions, it is a search for values, the ability to be able to see beyond what I see. The art is to bring the viewer to thoughts of imagination and fantasy.”

Young Pink Girl



Angel's touch

Cerise Juillet


Guess what


The colors of love

The Sun in the heart


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