Sensual Beauty by Martin Krystynek

“Sensual Beauty” consists of sensual and emotive pictures of natural female beauty. The collection of photos showing 100 different faces, 100 different bodies and 100 different women playing with lighting and shadows which arises charm, sensualism and inevitability of a woman.

The collection of photos celebrates a woman as a human being, as a goddess, as a mother, sister and daughter. This collection of photos show a woman’s true beauty. With her natural beauty, with her emotions and feelings, with her body which is covered and uncovered at the same time.

Every woman is beautiful in her own way and this what I try to show. The photographer tries to tell the viewers with his photos that there is no need to be naked and vulgar to show your sex appeal. The old saying “Less is more” is the only truth in this collection, it encourages the viewer’s imagination and fantasy and help to view the female beauty and sensuality from a new perspective. Martin tells ShutYourAperture.

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