Sexy Light Hearted Surrealism by Pongtawat Photography

My name is Pongtawat Paeungchaitananont, and it’s quite a mouthful, even for Thais, so my friends call me “Pat”. And in Thai, the word “Porn” means Blessing, sorry if you though it meant something else ::Smiles::

I got into photography without really knowing what I was doing, I just lifted my phone and started taking pictures. The colorful taxis (in Bangkok they can be pink), the noodle carts and food stalls, steaming and buzzing with motion, and the faces. She showed me how fascinating it all could be if I just stopped to look. I knew I had too see her again, but she didn’t like my phone, she ran to a digital camera, I chased her, then she ducked into some old film cameras from the 60’s and 70’s. And each time I followed my love of Photography to every medium I could get my hands on. My parents, another blessing, where incredibly supportive, they sent me too Pohchang Academy Of Arts ( วิทยาลัยเพาะช่าง มหาวิทยาลัยเทคโนโลยีราชมงคลรัตนโกสินทร์ ) where I studied Photography and focused on Fine Arts.

At Pohchang Academy of Arts I met my art Heroes, Salvador Dali and Man Ray. I love surrealism, and studying the works of these two men inspired me to paint, and mix elements of fine art into my photography as well. I enjoy both classic film and digital photography, finding each to have their strengths and weaknesses.

As for what you will find here on my site, I tend to focus on 3 major styles of art;

Fine Art Photography – Generally people, with striking features, or with artistic renderings, body paint, strange backdrops, and natural visual effects; like using old projectors to show patterns or colors across flesh in unique and provocative manners.

Nature Photography – Landscapes at different times, or from angles rarely noticed, I like to capture scenes which you could see, if only you had the time and patience to look and wait.

Macro Photography – There is so much beauty in the smallest of details. Insects and architecture give us the most to appreciate, and you will find a lot of cross over with nature and Macro. I love giving you a close up of something you could just stare at and appreciate indefinitely, always finding something new.

Then we place the art on to whatever formats we think look best. I want to give you something that you can enjoy anywhere you go, rare, provocative Prints to frame up on your wall at home or place of business. Cool, ice breaking, sublimation (all over printing) T shirts and Tank Tops that will get you noticed. And unique Tote Bags to carry your stuff in style.

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Muay Thai Warrior Smoke-

Bump in the night




Crack of DawnR


Expired Street

Surreal skull




Next to the tree

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