The importance of shooting RAW (video tutorial)

Do you ever wonder why everyone is always talking about shooting RAW? In this quick video I will show you why it is so important to shoot RAW and what you can do with a useless (not so useless) RAW image using Lightroom. You can use any editing software to bring out all the details out of a RAW file. I like to use Adobe Lightroom.


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About the Author

Edin Chavez
Travel junkie, animal lover, troublemaker, daydreamer and a bit obsessed with my camera. Addicted to documentaries, coffee, hot sauce, and blue cheese.
  • John Atthecross Mariani says:

    My Raw does not have the same layout , which one are you using to edit this ?

  • Manish B. Gajria says:

    This is Lightroom.

  • Mariaan Puddlejumper says:

    I just started a photography course and this was such a cool video! thanks so much.

  • Mako Koiwai says:

    ? So why not show us RAW vs. Jpeg ?!

  • Albert Acosta says:

    I bought your preset bundle last night and its very confusing as to the way they were labeled. I did not see anything Titled HDR Lightroom Presets or Professional Lightroom Presets. I did get one that said Street photography. There was one that said bw but nothing in it. I had one titled user presets but not sure where those fall under. Can you please give me the list of preset names to each category so that I can check to see what I got? Can I download the Bundle again? Thanks, Albert Acosta

  • Nazanin Sep says:

    That was amaziiiiiiing tip! I hope that raw work on photoshop.

  • Lefteris Kriaris says:

    Setting up the shadows to 100% is not always so good as for many cameras this brings up the noise to the under exposed areas….and this is REALY ugly!Plus to that why don’t you check the histogram more often when you are editing your photos???This the number 1 rule!Except the aboves there are many better tutorials in youtube for the begginers…Finally you don’t show any comparisson between RAW vs JPEG…I agree that RAW is much more useful for editing but you ‘ve got to show this and prove it to the people!Get serious!

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