Fine Art Nude Photography Tutorials With Tati Isakova

Watch the video below to see to get a taste of what this tutorial is all about. We cover everything you need to know about studio photography and fine art nudes. From camera settings to light settings, to posing the model and everything in-between. 

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In this tutorial we will cover everything you need to know to create beautiful fine art nude images including lighting setups, camera settings, light modifiers, posing and model direction. Follow Miami based fine art nude photographer Sam Henderson as he takes you through his process for creating award-winning images. 12 Videos now available for instant download plus lighting diagrams and finished images.

     12 Vidos

Lighting Diagrams

Light Metering

Camera Settings

Posing the model

Very informative video. I always had issues with lighting and this video series changed all that for me. 

John Bucker 

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