Shot of the day by Paal Uglefisk Lund

Title of the picture: “The future starts today”.

The thoughts of this picture is climate change and the tough survival in nature. The reflection (mom) had 3 cubs and 2 of them died (one of hunger and one from a male polar bear). A few weeks later i found the mom and the cub. I saw the cub on an iceberg and the mom on a different iceberg hunting for food. I took the picture of the cub from a boat using a 70mm lens and the mom using a zoom of 150mm. I used low ISO settings (100) and 5.6 and 8 aperture. Exposure 1/250 and 500sek.
I already had the idea and composed this pictures using Photoshop.
Camera: Canon 5Ds.
Picture taken: Svalbard

South of the Antarctic Circle, sailing north through "The Gullet".

South of the Antarctic Circle, sailing north through “The Gullet”.

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