Slovenia Landscapes by Ales Krivec

Ales Krivec is a photographer from Slovenia. The majority of the photos are from Slovenia, a hidden jewel of Europe, showing high Alpine peaks, emerald rivers, vineyard countryside, medieval castles, thriving cities and the small but distinctive coast.

He loves taking photographs of nature and all it’s aspects and this page is the product of that. Photographs are showing landscape and nature across different European countries. Majority of images are presenting the picturesque landscape of our country, Slovenia. In addition to nature photographs you will find cityscapes and various other aspects of people’s life.

Ales uses Nikon D800 and AF-S NIKKOR 14-24mm F2.8 lenses which are an amazing piece of optics for shooting landscapes.

You can see more of his works on his Website or drop by his Facebook to say hello.






A lonely cottage in the misty and foggy forest just after the storm. Photograph was taken at Corvara in Dolomites mountain range, Italy



Sunset over the Wheat Field. Photograph was taken in a village Rodine, Slovenia. Macro of wheat and barley in early summer.

Mokrice castle at night with a starry night above. Dark and peaceful atmosphere under milky way.


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