This was a little series I did for my final project at college. I really enjoyed doing this project and got a lot of enjoyment out of it and seeing it all come together. I wanted to be as creative as I could with this project and feel that I have done that and it really comes across in this project.

Some images I feel are stronger than others but this was a learning curve and I really enjoyed this project. All locations are mainly in and around Glasgow. Most of the settings on the images were: Shutter Speed 1/125, ISO 100 and 5.6f. This project was always going to be a hit or a miss and I feel that it really worked the way that I wanted to.

Researching this project I noticed that most of these type of photographs are done in the studio. I wanted to give it a little more depth and did them all on location and try make it a little different and think that all the locations worked really well. Most of the locations I had never been to before and decided to see what it looked like and worked with it and some of them I think look really good on location.

I feel that some of the images are stronger than others but I suppose there is always going to be stronger ones in ever project, I really liked doing this project and had so much fun with it and loved the idea of being so creative with it and making it my own and just doing what I could to make it different to everything else I had seen. Splash of Colour was diffidently a joyful and amazing project to create and I feel I really made it my own.