Summer in Rome 2015

Summer in Rome 02/08/2015

How fair Rome when it is evening …

Who ever said that photography is a representation of reality? When the viewfinder comes to the eye and inside   the focal a geometric visible portion starts like to tell in a new point of view, universal observation. Black and white, my first love … I mix light and shadow start walking …

 My lazy city, difficult and unfriendly, lately abandoned … suddenly It seem beautiful again, even unreal … Meanwhile the light is going away … is with her that we have to see, and it that makes continue … walk and change scenario, “I’m fine”, “Desserts of Grandma Vincenza”, my reflection on a bottle, a cob, a flower, and me. This is a tribute to all that I have studied, prepared and savored in the writing of my course. The Masters photographers, culture history and fantasy, a vision of the world with my photography. ” To beauty and to ‘alchemy.



 All rights reserved to Barbara Marinangeli copyright 2015

Canon 5D Mark II

28mm Nikon