Surrealist works by Gabriele Viertel

The work of Gabriele Viertel is characterized by ethereal, mysterious impact and surrealist elements.
The visual artist and photographer began her career only in 2011 followed by a rapid success her work has been published worldwide in art and fashion magazines such as Vogue Italia, were honored with awards,
featured by the Museum of Modern Art San Francisco and has been exhibited internationally.

The photographic work initiated a revolution in expressive underwater art and fashion photography.
The german artist lives and works currently in the Netherlands.

Gabriele - storm 1

Gabriele Viertel - jellyfish

Gabriele Viertel - lost soul

Gabriele Viertel - red furie 2

Gabriele Viertel - sleepwalker

Gabriele Viertel - storm 4

Gabriele Viertel - the virgin

Gabriele Viertel -autumn tango

Gabriele Viertel -my lost soul 1

Gabriele Viertel red furie

Gabriele Viertel_gemini

GabrieleViertel - follow me to the depths

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