JK Bridge

The JK bridge is a symbol of this monumental city that is Brasília, capital of Brasil. It’s name is a tribute to Juscelino Kubittschek, president…

Colors of Taipei

I love Taipei because of two main reasons, its homely and colorful. The city has great riverside parks and bike trails which offer amazing view….


I’d like to show you some pictures of my hometown Koblenz (Germany) and the nearby area. Actually I travel a lot and prefer to photograph…

Tesla Bridge

Single Shot of a heavy summer thunderstorm in Germany. Two massive lightnings illuminate the whole Nelson-Mandela-Bridge. Settings: 20mm / f/14 / 1s / Iso 400

Foggy Morning

A typical December morning near the river and under the 25th of April Bridge. The bridge is located in Alcantara west of the center of Lisbon. It’s…