TEMPODROM “Golden Crown” Berlin, Germany 2016

I photographed the main hall in the summer of 2015 and just had to be patient and wait for the right foggy lightconditions for about 7 months to get shots from the outside that I am finally satisfied with. Which was not an easy task because almost every architectural photographer I know has this one in his portfolio and it is simply not easy at all to create something unique that really stands out from the crowd and translates the main thoughts of the architect. Well this friday the 01. the conditions were perfect and everything worked exactly like I envisioned it last summer, shot with adjusted white balance to match with the golden interior look. Hope you like it, cheers and have a great week everybody.

The Tempodrom is the quick-change artist amongst the capital’s event venues. Located directly beside Potsdamer Platz, thanks to its extraordinary and spectacular architecture and the multifaceted, individual space concepts, this venue is the perfect setting for events of every kind. In 2001, the presentation of the European Film Awards was the inaugural event at the Tempodrom. Up to 4,000 guests can enjoy unforgettable moments beneath its spectacular, 35 m high roof. The Tempodrom’s visionary architecture, designed by Gerkan, Marg and Partner, combines aesthetics and ecology in a ground-breaking way. It sets new standards for event venues, and lends each event a distinctively unique quality.