If you’re ready never to have to worry about a memory card gone missing, or a damaged hard drive, then you found the right blog post!  Online photo storage is perfect for photographers, hobbyists, and everyone else who never wants to lose a photo or run out of memory.

best icloud storage for photographers, Best Online Photo Storage for Photographers

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The Best Online Photo Storage for Photographers

If you’re ready to find our recommendations for the best online photo storage solutions, click here to see our list in order.  Or continue reading to discover what we use to evaluate the services and what you should look for.

Criteria for evaluating online photo storage solutions:

  • Is it on a secure cloud
  • How much space will you need
  • What are the price points
  • Is there an app available that connects to your devices
  • Does the service offer customer support
  • Has it been designed specifically for photographers and protection

Cloud storage is great because it can be secure, and unlike a hard drive, you can access your images from anywhere and from any connected device.  But not all packages come with unlimited photo storage options.

Start by looking at how many images you are currently storing and look to see how many more you will likely take over the next year or two.  This will be the first determining factor on which service provider you should choose.  

Next, look to see if the provider offers apps for your phone, camera, computer, and other devices. This makes transferring your shots for processing seamless and also lets you share them more quickly with friends and family.  And that brings us to the next and most crucial aspect, privacy and security!

If you need to keep client shots private and prevent them from being downloaded, then you need a professional service like SmugMug, which was designed with client sharing and privacy in mind.  If you just want to prevent strangers from finding your shots, then most significant services are equal.  

Last, does the service offer customer support.  Many do with paid options, but if it is free, you might not be able to get assistance.  If you may have questions or need help, then a paid subscription with customer support will be vital.

Here Are Our Best Photo Storage Options And Why!

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Best Online Photo Storage for Photographers, best icloud back up for photographers

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SmugMug is designed for photographers by photographers, but don’t let that deter you if you are a hobbyist or looking for storage from your phone.  They offer unlimited, online cloud photo storage and connect to every major device and camera through their apps.  

You also get secure client sharing, the ability to display your work in an easy-to-use portfolio system if you want, and you can also sell prints if you purchase a professional or business account.  

The price point is also the most affordable online once you get to large packages and unlimited storage.  Click here to try them free and save 15% if you decide to purchase.


A SmugMug brand, they come in number 2.  Just like SmugMug, they offer security and unlimited storage options.  What makes Flickr unique is that they have a massive community where you can build a following, network with peers, and share your shots to get feedback and grow.

Because of the price point, security, and social aspect, Flickr is a clear winner for second on our list.

Best Online Photo Storage for Photographers

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Apple has been known for its security and protection from hackers for many years with its computers.  So it shouldn’t surprise you that they also apply these measures to their cloud.  Just like the others on this list, you can upload directly from your phone and connected devices making it simple to use, and it is incredibly cost-effective for the smaller plans.  

If you are always running out of space on your phone and just want to take photos with deleting, it can get costly for the larger packages.  iCloud is an excellent option if you do not need unlimited storage space and only want storage; this is an excellent option for you!

Google Photos

Just like the options above, you can choose to set your images to private or public.  The big difference with Google Photos vs. some of the others is you can only get unlimited photo storage with images at 1080 DPI and 16 Megapixels.  

If you’re a pro photographer and want unlimited online photo storage that properly handles your shots, this is likely not the option for you.  If you’re a consumer and want to save memories, Google photos can be a great choice. 

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