Guilherme Niero’s phrase inspired me to look for a way to record Man’s relationship with his environment in a different way. Many are looking for years for a way to approach their object, the reason for their photography. Why not leave? Look for new points of view! I had the inspiration for this series for almost a year, but unfortunately I could not afford to pay for a panoramic flight. But when I was hired for aerial photography work from a power plant region in the city, I had no doubt, it was the right time to start the series.

Barra da Tijuca is one of the most beautiful postcards in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Its beaches are highly sought after by those seeking tranquility away from the busiest spots on weekends. The largest beach in the state of Rio, with just over 14km. It is ideal for surfing, windsurfing, and other water activities. I have tried to show through this photographs that a simple solitary walk shows us a bit about our real dimension to the world. We are part of a whole, in its most diverse textures and relationships.In the middle of great landscapes and cities we are small, but as part of the whole, we are unique… like animals running through a savannah, we are part, small parts in a great set of moments.