I’ve longed to see the Maroon Bells Sunrise ever since I was in junior high, seeing the picture in a geography text book. Since then I’ve had this image in mind for some 20 years, repeatedly telling myself I’ve got to go to this place soon. Now, I’m finally here, and a picture is worth a thousand words. There I stood right at the shoreline of Maroon Lake, with my tripod and gear all setup when the sky was still dark, waited patiently for this image to appear in front of my eyes. The crimson glow on the Maroon Peaks lasted approximately two and a half minutes, until the whole peak turned to golden orange. During the brief moment, I turned on my iPod and played out Yanni’s In the morning light.  All I can say is, the 2600 km drive from home, getting up at 4AM, plus driving 1.5 hours from my campground at Carbondale, are all worth it and paid off, just for this 2.5 minutes of enchantment.