The native of Sarawak by Edanan Taiban

Sarawak has more than 30 local ethnics and one of them are the Bidayuh, also know the the Land Dayaks.
In the month of June every year, they celebrated the Gawai, a harvest festival to mark the end of paddy harvesting season.

One of the village that held the grand celebration is Kampung Sadir. Kampung Sandir is located at the border between Malaysia and Indonesia and it is abiout 70km from the city of Kuching.
My ride to the village was a long and winding journey, upon arrival I was greeted warmly by the head of the village know as the Ketua Kaum.
Without wasting much time, I quickly held my D600 with my main 24 70mm lens and caught these few shots of the villagers. Some are just doing their daily stuff, while the others are dressed in the traditional dresses.

Normally those young women will dressed to their finest, with a colorful dress, such a rare sight it was.

Unfortunately, I do not have much time to spend, but it is a memorable trip of which I am sure to be back next year. Hopefully next time around I can have more shoot of the celebration.










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