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Can you guess the worst mistake a photographer can make?

It’s the reason that so many photographers lose their ‘passion, and it’s the reason that most photographers are never able to make a living from their photography.
The worst mistake you can make is…
Not earning enough respect or compensation QUICKLY enough from your photography.
I know…we’re photographers because we just love it and we’ll do it for free.

But we’re also human. We all need at least some recognition, and we all need to earn a living.
And if you don’t get either of those (fast), then you get stressed and you lose your passion and drive.

If I had one tip for my younger self, it would be to start modeling how very successful photographers work – to look at how they built their businesses and to learn from them.
It took me a long time, but your journey can be much quicker. And the best FREE place to start is here…

The 2018 Photo Summit

This is a completely FREE digital event that you can watch from your computer or phone, and it’s got 35+ of the world’s best and most successful photographers showing exactly how they built their businesses.
Whether you’re just starting out or already have a thriving business, there’s a ton to watch and learn.

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