Photo series “The Tribes of Mentawai” by Mélanie Chamorel Astrup.

The Tribes of Mentawai on Siberut Island outside of Padang, west Sumatra in Indonésia.

To reach these people I had to travel 12 hours banana boat, 1hour driving, 3 hours canoe and 1 hour trekking.

It was one of the most amazing experience of my life. It was a “wake-up call” on our civilizations. How easy and cozy we have it, but yet how sad we are. How we lost contact with true nature but mainly with each other. In my photographs I wanted to show these feelings between the members. The respect they have for one another.

They have been affected a bit by our modern technology, (watches and boots) which was brought in by tourist but they still live as primitive as their ancestors. Melanie tells us.

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