Thessaloniki Greece is a city with centuries of history

Thessaloniki Greece is a place where multiculturalism formed a very special mixture of characters, customs, and architecture. This is evident even today if you look close enough. As I started to take a deeper interest in Thessaloniki’s history, I discovered there is so much that most of its inhabitants do not know. The unknown stories of the city led me to create a series of images, where I present these hidden aspects, in my own way. The creation of “unseen Thessaloniki” helped me better understand this city, that I have made my home. It has made me feel even more connected to it than I was before.

There are nine pictures in the series, each one showing a different location

Each picture is accompanied by a small text with information about the history of the pictured location. For each one of these pictures, I came up with concepts that I thought would help accentuate the place’s unique history and character, using surrealistic and symbolic elements. The location is the main protagonist, while the human presence acts complementary.

I started working on the series in late 2016. As the time passed, I continued my research and planned more photoshoots. The last one was taken in early 2018. All the pictures were shot in and around Thessaloniki Greece. I personally scouted each location and went there for the actual photoshoots.

Most of the pictures I shot with my Nikon D750 and my Nikkor 50mm lens, although the first ones were shot with my previous camera, a Nikon D3100Nikon D3100. All the pictures in the series are self-portraits, so I always use my tripod and a remote. In case the remote fails me, there is a lot of running involved! I also spend quite some time in post-processing, which helps me get to the final result that I have imagined. 

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Nicki is a conceptual photographer from Greece living in Thessaloniki Greece with her husband and daughter. You can see more of Nicki’s work on her website, her Facebook and her Instagram.