This week’s inspiration comes from Photographer of the week Paul Barson.

I took my first picture when I was around 6 years old with a Hanimex 110 compact camera that my parents had bought me.
One of my first shots was a reflection of our garden in some glass doors. It amazed me and I was hooked.
Waiting a week or two for the prints to come back from the developers was like Christmas each time. You just never exactly knew what you were going to get.

Through the years I progressed onto 35mm film, SLR, and dSLR and shoot mainly macro. I love macro as it makes you look at and appreciate the world in a totally different way.

In everyday life, I consider myself to be a selfless person but I will be the first to admit that I am totally selfish when it comes to my photography.
I shoot and produce what I want, what I like the look of, what means something to me. I don’t try and produce pieces that I think will popular. To me, that would lose the passion and magic.

See more of his work on his Website or drop in and say hello on his Facebook.

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