I have put together the best locations to photograph in Miami Beach, along with the best times to shoot at each location. All the photos I have attached were shot from this same exact locations during the times I mention. There are many more locations throughout this beautiful city, however, I feel these are the best.

Feel free to add a location in the comments below, or any suggestions you might have. Safe travels to everyone.

1. 1111 Lincoln Road. The best views of Lincoln Road from high above, bring a tripod and get your night shots on.

2. Maurice Gibb Memorial Park. The downtown views are stunning from here, go down by the rocks and get them in your composition.

3. Ocean Drive in front of the Beacon Hotel. (This is the most photographed and best-known spot in Ocean Dr.) Many movies have been filmed here including Scarface. The best time to shoot is at night.

4. Venetian Causeway. This is a long strip and you can get some amazing views, this one is my favorite and most underrated. The best time to shoot is at night.

5. The Beach Lifeguard Towers. This is the coolest one. The best time to shoot them is at sunrise.

6. Best Buy Parking garage on 5th and Alton. This is a great spot. The best time to shoot is at sunset.

7. Children’s Museum. Make sure you go under the bridge. The best time to shoot is at sunset and at night.

8. South Pointe Park & Pier. Best time to shoot is at sunrise and at sunset on the West side.

9. The beach. Anywhere on the beach is breath-taking. The best time to shoot is at sunrise.

top ten places to photograph in Miami

10. The Bay Walk. This place is stunning. The best time to shoot is at sunset.