The Series of troopers is a mix of divers passion I have; Photography, photo manipulation, toys and in particular the trooper character… Stormtroopers, Snowtroopers, Sandtroopers… any trooper!… I’m a fan of their minimalistic and timeless design.

I started doing some images at studio using 6 inch figures, and using the Focus Staking technique (used in Macro photography) to give more realism to the scaled models.
Then I did a little research and found some great collectors figures of 12 inches that gave me more detail and the ease to pose them in almost any way I want.

The scenarios and background are a mix of mock-ups (Dioramas) and digital art… as well the fog, fire or snow storm effects. Mostly I use flour for my scenarios and creating the mood.

Producing an image usually takes me one complete day; From going to the studio, developing the idea, posing the scaled models, making the scenario, light setup, shooting and finally the post-production.

For almost all my final images I shoot the figures separately, especially the 12 inches figures because I only have one of each model (they are expensive) and then I compose the final art in Photoshop. Also for each figure I do 2 or 3 shots to merge them an have a bigger file with more detail.

Working with scaled figures or toys is not only fun… it’s a great way of learning and understanding light, composition and post-production.
Having your models ready when ever you need them is priceless!

BTS A White Storm B

A White Storm

BTS Mith Mont

Troopers Icecream

Clones One


3 Moons

BTS Clones One

BTS Troopers

Mith Mont

A White Storm B

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